Chemieliva is a key hi-tech enterprise which is famous for its high technology, and highly-optimized R&D technology, marketing and human resources. Powered by this, Chemieliva is specialized on developing and producing generics drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates. With these advantages, our logistic department will make the goods delivered at customer’s appointed destination safely in the shortest time.It intensively cooperates with the China’s best pharmaceutical university China pharmaceutical University and Chemical faculty of Nankai University. It has the abilities to offer clients products from gram-degree to ton-degree, and our company has established a wide range of cooperative relations with more than a hundred companies at home and abroad....
Nitration reaction
Grignard reaction
Hydrogenate reaction
addition reaction
Oxidation reaction
Reduction reaction
Esterification reaction
Condensation reaction
Etherification reaction
Nitrate Nitrogen reaction
Alkylation reaction
Friedel-Crafts reaction
Substitution reaction
Ammoxidation reaction
Heterocyclic reaction
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